Phoenix Cool gel mattress

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COOLTECH MATTRESS  (Default size is 190×90).

Our Phoenix Cool gel mattress delivers excellence in the sphere of com­fort and support. 

Phoenix is an ultra-premium mattress giving an exceptionally high level of comfort through a combination of multi-zone pocketed springs, felt layer, high-density soft foam and a quilted layer of foam and dacron covered with premium quality signature fabric. The comfort layers give additional strength to the mattress, giving optimal support and comfort to your spine. The Coolgel infused layer of memory foam achieves the highest level of comfort and the coolgel dissipates heat from the body maintaining the optimum body temperature for deep REM sleep. The independent multi-zone pocketed spring construction gives individual personalized support, giving extra support where your body most needs it.  

Product Features


■  Multi-zone Pocketed spring mattress

■  Multi zones with varied spring strength for optimum support

■  Foam-layered for ultimate comfort

■  Upper layer of coolgel infused memory foam. 

■  High-density foam for comfort

■  High premium quilting

■  Premium quality signature 500 GSM fabric

■  Additional comfort through 400gsm Decron sheeting

■  Phoenix premium fabric turning handles.

■  Phoenix premium taping

■  Phoenix premium side detailing

■  Air vents for increased hygiene

■  250 springs per/M2



COOLTECH MATTRESS  (Default size is 190×90).

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